Rifton | Achieving Optimal Toilet Positioning

A therapist placing a girl in a Rifton HTS (Hygiene and Grooming System)For a child with multiple physical challenges, going to the bathroom is often seen as a disruption to daily activities and an additional burden. However, ongoing initiatives around health and disability reframe toileting as a critical intervention and opportunity to teach meaningful skills.

Fortunately, these skills are within the reach of almost all children. With appropriate environmental modifications and positioning aids, most children can improve their toileting skills and experience greater community participation and levels of independence.

This research-based article,Achieve optimal bathroom position for people with disabilities, summarizes the theory and evidence behind proper bathroom positioning, especially for children with physical disabilities. Included is a discussion of how to identify and overcome barriers to successful toilet positioning to achieve positive outcomes.

See Achieving a good toilet position with Rifton HTSa chart detailing the features and benefits of the Rifton HTS.

Based on research and in response to customer feedback, we are launching design changes to several of the HTS accessories to improve transfers, hygiene and functionality. Stay tuned for more updates.

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