147: Ditching the “all or nothing” mentality with Ali Shapiro

Today I am very excited to welcome you. Ali Shapiro to the podcast!

This is what we talk about in today’s episode:

– Your experience in health and well-being.

– The “all or nothing” mentality

-The importance of flexibility to maintain long-term coherence.

147: Getting Rid of the “All or Nothing” Mentality with Ali Shapiro

Ali is the host of the top-rated podcast. InsatiableHolistic nutritionist, holistic health coach and rebel with a serious cause.

She is academic, practical, and empathetically aware of how the medical system, diet culture, and body positivity movements have their own flavor of madness.

Ali developed TRUCE while in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, where she drew on her 17+ years of working with real-life clients and her own personal healing journey from emotional eating and cancer as a teenager.

Ali’s work and her clients’ unique success have been featured on well + Good, mindbodygreen, Prevention, Women’s Health, and Forbes, as well as the industry-leading podcasts Being Boss, Tell Me Something True, and Food Heaven.

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