My Favorite Things To Buy At ALDI (2024)

Inside: Need ALDI inspiration? I’m a long-time ALDI shopper and these are some of my favorite things to buy.

I love ALDI. You love ALDI.

We love the simplicity of shopping. We love the simple atmosphere. We love being able to pay without feeling like we’ve just been robbed. TRUE?

There are a few things I’ve put in my cart since I started shopping there about 10 years ago. There are new favorites that have emerged over the years. And then there are new surprises that I find on my weekly trips.

And that, my friends, is part of the ALDI shopping adventure.

These are some of my current favorites. And I’d love to hear yours. Leave a comment with your favorite, especially if he’s not on my list. I’m always looking for good advice!

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Tanimura and Antle Artisan Lettuce

I’ve been throwing this artisanal lettuce in my cart since the beginning. Each container has four small heads of lettuce and they look very beautiful together in a salad.


Tasteful Selections Honey Gold Bite Size Potatoes

These little potatoes are amazing to boil and slather with butter, or my current favorite: boil, mash, coat with oil and season and roast until a little crispy on the edges. The fact that they are pre-washed means I save precious time during dinner prep.

Brea Graintastic by SimplyNatured

This bread is more expensive than ALDI’s other whole wheat breads, but it is very soft and tasty. Think Dave’s Killer Bread at ALDI. And it has four grams of fiber per serving (that’s a lot!). It also comes in a “Seedtastic” version.

Specially Selected Naan Flatbread

If you’re serving an Indian-inspired dish like butter chicken, spread some melted butter on top of these little flatbreads and warm them up in the toaster oven. Your whole family will love you even more than they already love you.

liveGfree Sweet Chili Brown Rice Fries

Crunchy, sweet and spicy and so good we call them “Fake Doritos.”

Savoritz Woven Whole Wheat Crackers

This is another OG item from ALDI. They are Triscuit imitations made with only three ingredients: whole wheat, oil and salt.

Sundate Medjool Dates

I love these for adding natural sweetness to smoothies (keep some in the refrigerator in a dish with milk so they blend easier) and energy balls. Don’t forget to remove the bones first!

Specially Selected House Italian Vinaigrette

I’m picky about salad dressings and prefer homemade ones, namely our official house dressing, white balsamic vinaigrette. But this one tastes pretty close to homemade. Drizzle it over a big bowl of those artisan greens, stir really well, then close your eyes and you’ll think you’re in a restaurant that has really good salad dressing. FYI: It’s quite garlicky, so be careful!

Bronze Cut Priano Pasta

I recently learned why this pasta is so good: Bronze cut pasta It is made by pressing the pasta dough through a bronze plate, which cuts and shapes it. The result is a rougher exterior, which means the sauce tends to stick better. This ALDI brand comes in a few different forms.

Do you want to have family dinners prepared for a month? Get my 4-week ALDI meal plan with recipes and shopping lists made for you.

Specially Selected Premium Vodka Sauce

I love the taste of this creamy sauce. But since it’s a little chunky (which my family doesn’t love), I blend it in the blender until smooth. Then I serve it over bronze-cut rigatoni with grated parmesan and pepper for an easy meatless meal.

Stonemill Pure Vanilla Extract

If you haven’t noticed, the price of vanilla is quite steep. If I don’t have a bottle of homemade vanilla on hand, I buy this small one, which costs about $5.

SimplyNature Ginger Paste

Peeling and chopping ginger is not on my list of favorite things to do. So I keep this paste in the refrigerator when a recipe calls for ginger. Much easier.

stone mill spices

If spice prices stop you in your tracks, I have two words for you: 99 cents! I know some people spend more on gourmet spices, and that’s fine, but that’s not me. ALDI sells commonly used spices (like paprika, garlic powder, oregano, and parsley) for under a dollar, and I’m here to get them!

Burma Simmer Sauces

These simmer sauces couldn’t be simpler to use: brown chunks of your favorite protein (like chicken) plus some veggies (like bell peppers) in a skillet, add the entire jar of simmer sauce, cover, and cook. At the end, I add a sprinkle of salt and a splash of heavy cream to give it a little more oomph.

SimplyNature 90 Second Bean Bags

We eat a lot of rice and these bags have come to the rescue many nights. They also make eating a proper lunch much quicker. Just 90 seconds in the microwave. It comes in a few different varieties.

Specially selected pure maple syrup

The price of this has increased over the years I’ve been shopping ALDI, but it’s still a good deal for the actual product.

Specially Selected Premium Double Chocolate Brownie Mix

I’m picky about brownie mixes, but my friend Regan from This life of baking He alerted me to this one, which is similar to the Ghiradelli one.

Chocolate Choco

And speaking of chocolate, ALDI’s European chocolate selection is *chef’s kiss*.

Ground Turkey and Kirkwood Chicken

I regularly buy ground turkey and ground chicken at ALDI to make my baked turkey tacos, meatballs, and other recipes.

Extra Firm Land-Grown Tofu

I try to make at least one or two meatless dinners each week, so it’s a staple. The extra firm variety works great for stir-fries and bowls. I use it to make my Crispy Tofu and Tofu Bowls.

Never chicken sausage with apple

I like to keep this stored in the refrigerator for a quick sheet pan dinner: cut it into small pieces along with sweet potatoes and vegetables, roast it on a sheet pan, and drizzle with sauce.

Peasant Dairy Sweet Cream Butter

I bake a lot and buy all my butter at ALDI. The price is always good. It comes in salted and unsalted.

Deutsche Kuche pork schnitzel

THIS IS SO GOOD. And it also comes in a chicken variety. But it’s seasonal, so grab it when you can (I currently have a stack in my basement freezer). I like to serve them with egg noodles, vegetables, and a homemade creamy lemon sauce.

Bremer pierogies

This is a staple in our freezer for nights when the dinner plan goes off the rails. Sure, they’re not as good as my homemade pierogies. But as someone who grew up eating the ones my Eastern European grandmother made, I have to say they’re still pretty good!

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